mygeoworld_logo_webWelcome to the Delaware GeoEducation website!

Geospatial technologies such as: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Remote Sensing, provide students opportunity to analyze local, regional and global issues, so one can ask questions and find solutions. These technologies are used across the globe in many areas of expertise from planning, science, literature, medicine, criminal justice, transportation and emergency management just to name a few. We are here to assist you in finding ways to bring these geospatial technologies into your existing curriculum.

Delaware GeoEducation is a subcommittee of the Delaware Geographic Data Committee. A little more information about these committee’s is listed below. So explore our site and contact us if you have any questions.

Delaware Geographic Data Committee (DGDC)

A cooperative effort among state agencies, the University of Delaware, county and municipal governments, and others to build a Delaware GIS Community and improve the coordination of the use of GIS and spatial data in Delaware.

Delaware GeoEducation

The mission of Delaware GeoEducation is to encourage the use of mapping technologies in Delaware classrooms by empowering teachers, inspiring students and enhancing education to meet the curriculum standards of the State of Delaware. The subcommittee will connect students and teachers with geospatial professionals throughout Delaware.