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2004 Recipients

2004 GIS in Education Award Recipients
Photo from the Cape Gazette.

Congratulations to Lori Roe, Cindy Cunningham, Vicki Friend!
Presenting the award is Governor Ruth Ann Minner.
Photo from: Cape Gazette, 4/29/2004 | Photo taken by: Steven Billups
Shown are (l-r) Vicki Friend, Gov. Ruth Ann Minner, Lori Roe, Cindy Cunningham.

Lori A. Roe – Instructional Technology Specialist, Cape Henlopen School District
Cindy F. Cunningham – Fourth Grade Teacher, Richard A. Shields Elementary School
Vicki M. Friend – Fourth Grade Teacher, Richard A. Shields Elementary School

Awarding three as a team fits beautifully into our Barn Raising theme; any one of them could not have accomplished what they have without the support of the other two. It is truly a local project; they have looked no further than their own backyard to find

something meaningful to research. Together they were able to come up with a lesson plan that not only adheres to state standards, but also allows the students to truly appreciate and understand what is meant by data layers and the overlay process that GIS is. They are studying how man and water affect our land. So, they are studying how the Beacon Lighthouse fell, back in 1926 and how the Delaware coastline has changed over time. They are using the Cape Henlopen Point and the Roosevelt Inlet in their study. A field trip was conducted to gather GPS points of the shoreline and of historical locations in the Lewes, Delaware area.

They used community members as guest speakers to enhance their knowledge. They have learned about and used DataMIL. The students are currently using ArcExplorer to measure and analyze the data that has been gathered for them. Every student has a Macintosh laptop. So, with the help of Lori Roe they have imported their findings from the GPS units and are studying the data they gathered. ArcView GIS is being introduced next, so the students will be able to create their own datasets. They are using a multitude of resources, both technology (GPS, GIS, digital camera, & video camera) and otherwise. The project has developed into an environmental study so the culminating activity as included the planting of dune grass as well. The goal for everyone involved in this project is that students can make a difference in their communities.