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2010 Recipient

Ms. Jenna Oliva
Mike Mahaffie presenting the GIS in Education Award to Ms. Jenna Oliva

Congratulations to Ms. Jenna Oliva!
Presenting the award is Mike Mahaffie.

Ms. Jenna Oliva, 7th Grade Science Teacher at Millsboro Middle School, over the past several years has provided her students the opportunity of introducing them to the world of geographic information systems (GIS) within her classroom, specifically during the watershed unit. Jenna previously worked for the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control and at that time was first exposed to the benefits of GIS. Since becoming a 7th grade science teacher and assisting the Delaware Technical and Community College (DTCC) TRIO program Jenna has seen kids ranging from middle school to high school benefit from having hands-on experience with GIS technology within their learning environment providing students yet another tool for the science classroom.

Having her 7th grade students use a SMART board to interact with the GIS software allows the entire classroom to be engaged in the understanding of watersheds. The students see first-hand how what happens on land affects our waterways and the type of best management practices that are being implemented to help protect the environment. Congratulations to Jenna for her dedication in providing her student’s this opportunity!