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2014 K12 Student Contest

Plan, Respond, Recover: Exploring Natural Disasters

This contest allowed students to use maps to explore natural disasters. Examples of topics include emergency planning for an impending storm, earthquake hazards,or tsunami danger. Maps can be used as a source of information and also as a way to share research results, recommendations, or predictions. This contest was sponsored by the University of Delaware, Department of Geography. Each student received a $20 gift card to Barnes and Noble, a conference bag, lunch bag, notebook and certificate for their accomplishment.



North Carolina Tsunami Coverage
Poster 9-12
Created by: Taylor Hunes, Rebecca Webb, Brooklyn Dodd, and Chris Sipple
Lake Forest High School




snowplanwebWhat Needs to be in a Snow Emergency Kit
Multi-media K-3
Created by: Weston B. Williams
Lake Forest East Elementary School







tornadoeswebTornados in the USA
Multi-media / Small group 9-12
Created by: Erin Wix, Casey Long, and Jared Farmer
Lake Forest High School






Our previous K12 Student Contest Winners can be viewed on our Delmarva GIS Conference website.

Thank you for your participation!