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2012 K12 Student Contest

Maps Tell the Story: The Adventure in Your Community

This contest provided students the opportunity to study and map an Adventure in Their Community. This years winners are:

8th Grade
Project Title: Breaking out the Big Guns
Mr. John Nehrbas, 8th Grade, Sussex Consortium – Lewes School

John Nehrbas Class
John Nehrbas Class

This project engaged the students in a mapping exercise in which they tracked how the “Big Gun” that was used in WWII got to its new home, Cape Henlopen State Park, Fort Miles. The students used transparency overlays and located the railroads, their houses and the route in which the “Big Gun” traveled. In the process they learned about how the gun was used in WWII.
• Zack Leopnard
• Aaron Bradley
• Peyton Snay


Wess Williams
Weston Williams

Project Title: From Holland to America: My Wooden Shoe Adventure
Weston Williams, 1st Grader, Lake Forest East Elementary School









4th Grade
Project Title: Our Delaware State Park Adventure
Mrs. MaryBeth Peet, 4th Grade, Richard Shields Elementary School

Ms. Peet's Class
Ms. Peet’s Class


This project engaged the students in learning about Delaware State parks and where they were located across the state. They also learned about different amenities the parks had. The students used clay to create a model of the State of Delaware and flagged the location on these parks with a brief description of each. The students determined which county the parks resided in as well as the Inland Bays and the C&D Canal.

2nd Grade
Project Title: Our City of Lewes, Delaware Adventure
Ms. Mabel Norwood, 2nd Grade, Richard Shields Elementary School

Ms. Norwood's Class
Ms. Norwood’s Class

This project had the students use playdoo to create a representation of the City of Lewes. On the map were Google Earth images of locations in which the students choose as adventures in their community. Some of the areas the students included were; Lewes Beach, Beebe Hospital, Kids Ketch, Lewes Bake Shop, and Kings Ice Cream.

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