GIS Day 2008

Delaware GIS DayAn article in the Delaware News Journal was written highlighting our GIS Day 2008 Event

Have fun viewing some photos of the event on Flicker here!

GIS Day started in 1987, as part of the National Geographic’s Geography Week, as a way to expose society to the tools and opportunities of GIS. The Delaware Geographic Data Committee is a cooperative effort among all levels of government, the academic sector, and the private sector, to build a Delaware GIS Community and improve the coordination of the use of GIS tools and spatial data in Delaware, so for several years the State of Delaware has participated in celebrating GIS Day.

This year however was especially successful, because the GIS Day Event Committee offered for the first time ever a field trip for 5th grade students to the Dover Air Command Mobility Museum. The event was designed to support Delaware curriculum requirements for fifth-grade students who are learning about geography, cartography and the world around us. The evening was opened to the general public for free. We will be building on this event and hope to offer it to more students each year.

Students experienced:

  • changes in Delaware over time by looking at aerial photography
  • flight simulation – which uses digital mapping to teach new pilots
  • how to find the latitude and longitude of their school buildings
  • how paramedics and other emergency workers quickly find those in need during emergencies
  • entering into the world itself, a 20-foot diameter Earth Balloon to learn something special about each continent
  • a movie about Jane Goodall teaching about her efforts to help a diminishing chimpanzee population with the use of GIS technology
  • a hands on chance to use GIS to discover which mystery animal was going to be placed in a zoo
  • how high school students in the TRIO program have used GIS over the past three years to understand the watershed connection
  • how GIS has been used to track shore bird migration
  • how 4th graders have used GIS to better understand the land and water connection

A Special Thanks to our Delaware 2008 GIS Day Sponsors!

The Air Mobility Command Museum | GeoDecisions | Artesian Water Company | Delaware Geographic Alliance | Delaware Geological Survey | Institute for Public Administration-Water Resources Agency at the University of Delaware | Environmental Systems Research Institute

Couldn’t make it to Delaware’s GIS Day Event or you just feeling like doing something spatial? Find many classroom activities, by grade level at or check out our Tools and Resources page.