GIS Day 2009

Delaware GIS DayDelaware’s GIS Day 2009 was an exciting day at the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover. A Geographic Information System (GIS) is the set of tools used to relate information to geography and is an integral part of the technology platform used today. Applying a geographical perspective to life situations by showing relationships of people, places and environments, aids decision making in business, government, education and the world.

Selected fifth grades classes visited the Earth Balloon, Neal Nichols Geography Game Show, Aerial Photography by the Delaware Geographic Alliance, Flight Simulator, and experienced a hands-on GIS exercise to discover a mystery animal that will be placed in a zoo, and more!

From 5:00p.m. – 7:30pm the public visited us at the Dover Air Command Mobility Museum to see some of the outstanding exhibits listed above and more. This event was FREE and open to all!

We are happy to announce that we had several sponsors for our 2009 event. Thank you all for helping Delaware’s GIS Day be a success!
Air Mobility Command Museum, Delasoft, JMT, Sanborn, Data Enhancement Services, LLC, Artesian Water Company, Tidewater Utilities, Inc., and ESRI.